Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Manic Miner 'curtain'

In my (now) otherwise quite lovely lounge there is a box full of electrical things. Except this box doesn't have a cover on the front but attempts to tastefully hide itself away with a net curtain. Let me show you.

Classy, no?

Even when I was looking around the place before I had decided to take it I looked at that net curtain and thought well, that's got to go.
Apparently the number of people I know who are both old and cool enough to actually recognise Manic Miner can be counted on one hand. I don't care - I love it!

Making the little cuts in the flooring took quite a long time - at least three Buffy's worth. And in fact fans of the game will notice that this is a rather simplified version of the Central Cavern and that he has already collected all the keys. Meh.

Here it is laid out

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Firefly boobs and a new craft room!

Sorry for the hiatus in posts, as most of you probably know I've been moving house. I haven't made anything new, but I found this shirt that I did a while ago. The whole thing cost 50p (charity shop strappy top) so I don't mind that it didn't come out that well, bleach stenciling is a learning curve, no?

Perhaps wearing it with the firefly shorts might be a bit much?!

And because you have waited so patiently and because I am rather pleased with my progress in tidying it, here is one end of my new craft room - the biggest room of the house! (Better get making things now I suppose.)

There were no curtains in this room, I am trying to find the perfect geeky material from which to make some. (Vaguely thinking about this but I don't like the colours overmuch)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Orange Is The New Black embroidery

Guess what I have been watching.
If you haven't seen the first series of OITNB you probably think I am weird for embroidering bitches gots to learn under a wheelchair.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Norwich City supporting teddy bear

Remember the Classical Association teddy bear who went to Hawaii? Well this is his chum and he is a canary.
Fun fact: Norwich City is believed to have the oldest football song in the world, On the Ball, City. I like the gentle nostalgia in the first verse and repeating 'Hurrah!' in the chorus.