Sunday, April 26, 2015

Needle felted Totoro in a frame

Combining two things of my favourite things - embroidery hoops and needle felting!

He is supposed to be sitting on the edge of the hoop, rather than standing, but I am not sure if that is really obvious when you look at it.

Fun fact, I couldn't get any whiskers in Ely, so I dipped some 3 strand embroidery thread in a mixture of PVA and water and let them dry.

Little snub nose!

I had a lot of fun making the umbrella.

I like how 3D this is, it really adds interest to the wall!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tooth Fairy

I made this little lady last week to send to someone as a present. I'd like to say that it was for a small child who'd just lost her first tooth but.... Yeah, actually, let's stick with that.
Small child, first tooth, and you can't prove otherwise.
Her arms are bendy and she has sparkles on her dress.

 Because a fairy without wings is really just a very small person.

I rouged her cheeks (or rather, I pinched them - ladies pinch, whores use rouge.) The little tooth on her dress is really the only thing that makes her a tooth fairy rather than any other type of fairy

But we know what she is, don't we? Just you, me and that [ahem] small child.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Did I fall asleep? Dollhouse embroidery

I'm trying to get my embroidery stitches neater, so I practised on these teeny 5cm wide hoops. It is harder to be neat on black material as well, so I'm pretty pleased.

On another note, do you think every woman Fran Kranz has ever been with woke up the next morning and said "did I fall alseep?" I know I would.

Finally, here, have a clip of some amusing Topher moments, (inexplicably played against a background of 80s sitcom music)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A couple of pig songs

I stumbled across these in my email archive the other day and I thought I'd put them here so that I don't lose them (because that would be a *disaster*).
Urm, so if you aren't aware of the marvellous thing that was the pig song mailing list ... I have no explanation, other than to say a crazy man rewrote songs using pig related lyrics in an attempt to get people to drink beer. I guest spotted a couple of times. Half of the fun was working out what songs they were, although these two are pretty obvious.

Porcine Wizard
Ever since I was a piglet
I’ve wished that I could fly
Ain’t got no wings or feathers
But I just got to try
Cos I’m so fat and tasty
If I don’t leave this sty
That mean, hungry farmer
Sure gonna make me fry

I try to look less meaty
But dieting’s so tough
When yummy rotten veggies
Are filling up your trough
Can’t stop while there’s still food there
A pig is what I am.
If I don’t start to fly soon
Sure gonna end as ham.

(He’s a tasty porker)
He has to learn to fly
(That tasty porker)
Through streaky bacon skies

I figured out the secret
From birds and moths and bees
And earlier this morning
I flew above the trees
The wind between my bristles
Makes me feel so free
This fat flying piggy
Ain’t gonna end as tea.

I nearly got
A long way away
But as I flew
I heard a magpie say:
“How do you think he does it?
We all know
Pigs aren’t meant to fly.”

The knowledge of this statement
That piggies shouldn’t fly
I found it so upsetting
I tumbled out the sky
A bumpy crash land proving
I shouldn’t fly at all.
That fat, bouncy farmer
Sure breaks a mean pig’s fall.


Piggy In The Sty With Piglets
Piggies in blankets with hams all aquiver
There’s salt in the bacon and love in the sties
Apple sauce loving and truffle-breathed kisses
A sow stares with glazed piggy eyes
Flower-carved radishes strewn in the hay
Half eaten brussels are crushed
Look for the pig with the love in her eyes
And she grunts.

Piggy in the sty with piglets
(Dum dum du dum…)
Piggy in the sty with piglets
Piggy in the sty with piglets

Silence returns once more over the farmyard
With trembling snout, the sow softly sighs
Dreaming of marriage and having his piglets
She smiles at the star-studded skies

Piggy in the sty with piglets
(Dum dum du dum…)
Piggy in the sty with piglets
Piggy in the sty with piglets

Piglets are born the sow looks at her children
Dreams of their futures, all grown up and wise
Then comes the farmer, duplicitous, smiling
His tea tonight; six small pork pies.

[Refrain repeated. Fades]